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CST1 Cold Shoulder Therapy


$ 49.95

Torex® Cold Shoulder Therapy offers fast, simple and effective treatment for many common shoulder injuries. The patented form fitting U-shaped harness makes it possible to enjoy easy, one handed application on either shoulder. Multi-chambered gel pockets conform to shoulder front, back and rotator cuff areas to deliver soothing cold therapy where it's needed most.
  • Reusable and long-lasting
  • Fast and easy
  • One-handed application
  • No straps to struggle with
  • Fits right or left shoulder
  • Can be applied on the field, in the clinic or at home in just seconds
  • Gel stays soft and flexible even when frozen to mold to the body
  • Harness is removable for comfortable post-operative use
  • Treats many common shoulder injuries and conditions
  • Try it for head, neck and hip pain too!
  • Latex-free and non-toxic  
  • Guaranteed! 100% product performance & satisfaction guaranteed with a 90 day warranty




  • Available in one size


Application Instructions
  1. Store in the freezer for two or more hours prior to use.   
  2. To use, remove from freezer and gently knead to soften gel packs.  Place the product down onto shoulder over a t-shirt or cloth.  Adjust the harness and gel packs for a comfortable fit.  The plastic harness is removable for a comfortable fit on post-operative or large shoulders.
  3. Relax in a comfortable position for the duration of your cold therapy treatment.
Storage and Handling
For maximum life and performance we recommend that torex® gel inserts be stored in the freezer after package has been opened. To store and protect gel inserts out of the freezer always place in a heavy duty zip type freezer bag, squeeze out air and seal closed. Return to freezer as soon as possible. Normal product life is about one year.


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