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About Us

The torex® family of innovative products offers better treatment via advanced materials and unique patented design. Improve outcomes by increasing the ease and effectiveness of your therapy. torex® offers reduced treatment time, faster pain relief, and superior options for hard-to-treat areas. It’s time to feel better, recover faster and find your MOjility®

Premium Cold Therapy Packs
  • Reusable and long lasting
  • Stay flexible to conform to the body
  • Designed for clinical use without breaking or leakage

MC2 Pro Ankle Therapy
  • Removable gel inserts cradle soft tissue structures
  • Elastic strapping allows dynamic compression
  • Adjustable boot provides strength and support
  • Designed for Pro athletes...perfected for weekend warriors

CST1 Cold Shoulder Therapy
  • Easily applied with one hand
  • Shapes to right or left shoulder
  • Treats shoulder front, back and rotator cuff area
  • Multi-chambered gel pockets conform to fit your body

Roll-On Cold/Hot Therapy Sleeves
  • Designed to stay on hard to treat joints and limbs
  • Available in 5 sizes: finger, wrist, elbow, foot, knee or thigh
  • Surrounds completely for maximum effectiveness
  • Patented, strapless Roll-ons can be used cold or hot

All torex® products are
  • Latex free and non-toxic
  • Reusable and long lasting
  • Flexible even when frozen